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Culinary Institute Of America, Hyde Park

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Marriot Pavilion

In 2014, the CIA unveiled the new $19 Million dollar Marriott Pavilion with its new 42,000-square-foot Conference Center and Ecolab Auditorium. Ashley Mechanical worked alongside Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management during the construction of the pavilion where we were responsible for $2.2 Million Dollars of HVAC & Plumbing Equipment installed.

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About the Client

Culinary Institue of America
Culinary Institute of America

Founded in 1946, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is private not-for-profit college specializing in culinary and baking and pastry arts education. The college offers traditional associate and bachelor's degrees, and has the world's largest staff of American Culinary Federation Certified Master Chefs. In addition to professional education, the college also offers recreational classes for non-professionals and branded cookware for home cooks.

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